I'm a chiropractor who loves creating stuff.

Perfect Posture Kit

about Me.

I’ve been a doctor of chiropractic since 2004, and always had a fascination with how the human body moves and works.

I work at Family Chiropractic in East Grinstead, West Sussex.

And when I’m not there I’m creating things like:

  • The Total Back Pain Solution
  • The Perfect Posture Kit
  • The Happy Back Company
  • …and the odd silly video

My Work.

Profession, products & projects.
Dr Mike Cassidy-Hogg chiropractor

Hands-on adjustments that free up the body, ease pain and help you feel like yourself again.

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Online Back Pain Course

Everything I teach to my back pain patients in a convenient online course.

Woman modelling the Perfect Posture Kit
Perfect Posture Kit

Real, lasting posture improvement, with minimal time & effort.

Happy Back Company

Products & resources to help you beat back pain & stress.


Silly Videos.

...sometimes only nonsense will do

Be careful bending forwards in the MORNING!

HOT or COLD for back pain?

Walking is GREAT for your back!

Give your back TIME to recover

Please STOP doing these things in the gym!

Health, spirit & the meaning of LIFE



The most important thing in the world
Mike Cassidy-Hogg and Family Underwater
Us Three

My family means everything to me.  Especially since the birth of our daughter in September 2019

Mike Cassidy-Hogg teaching
Working Together

Lucy's a physiotherapist who now works in the digital health sector. She helped me produce the Perfect Posture Kit.

Mike and Lucy Cassidy Wedding

We met 'by chance' on the train in December 2012, and were married three years later.


Becoming a father has transformed me. She's the most precious thing in my life.


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