Mike Cassidy-Hogg Chiropractor

about Mike.

  • Professional Chiropractor, a graduate of the University of South Wales 2004.
  • Qualified Personal Trainer.
  • Experienced content creator and product designer.
  • Trained public speaker.

Mike Cassidy-Hogg became a chiropractor after suffering a painful back injury doing karate as a 16 year old, which left him with sciatica and difficulty walking.

Through discovering chiropractic and delving into human anatomy and fitness training, he fully recovered, and now teaches his patients and online students how to transform their health.

He created the well-known online back pain course The Total Back Pain Solution, as well as the Perfect Posture Kit, the only posture system with a money-back guarantee.

He has given countless talks and presentations on health and well-being topics and has also worked in collaboration with Rotary International to bring chiropractic care to impoverished regions.

Skills & Expertise.

  • Back, neck and joint pain.
  • Posture improvement and strength restoration.
  • Dry needling (medical acupuncture).
  • Deep tissue massage.
  • Fitness coaching.
  • Nutrition.


  • Public speaking and presenting.
  • Health product critique.


Mike Cassidy-Hogg Chiropractor

Relieve pain, restore strength and movement, and improve posture.

Total Back Pain Solution online back pain course
Back Pain Course

A Better Back in 6 Weeks: For people who have had enough of back pain.

Woman modelling the Perfect Posture Kit
Perfect Posture Kit

Better Posture in 2 Weeks Guaranteed: The 3-in-1 kit for quick and lasting result.

Mike Cassidy-Hogg presenter

Professionally trained and experienced public speaker on health & well-being topics.

Chiropractic Demonstration

Here is a simple demonstration that shows some of the typical tests and adjustments that might occur in a chiropractic treatment session.

Each visit your chiropractor will check your spine, and often test how the muscles are working. Then perform the adjustments (the techniques chiropractors use) to correct any problems they find.

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And now for something completely different..

Please STOP doing these things in the gym!

Health, spirit & the meaning of LIFE

Be careful bending forwards in the MORNING!

HOT or COLD for back pain?

Walking is GREAT for your back!

Give your back TIME to recover

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