Comparison: EAROS ONE vs Flare Audio Isolate Mini

I tested both the fit and function of the EAROS ONE and Flare Isolate Mini (Titanium), by setting off a smoke alarm next to my head (don’t try that at home!).


Both were comfortable when they were in. I found the EAROS a bit fiddly to put in though, and they didn’t seem to fit my left ear as well as my right.


The Flare Audio reduced the noise better, but the sound was more muffled and boomy. EAROS ONE didn’t reduce the sound as much, but it maintained its clarity (because it still allows some air conduction through a small hole in the soundboard).


If you mostly want noise reduction whilst still being able to hear, get the Flare Audio. But if you want to maintain the fidelity of the sound (live music for example), get the EAROS ONE.

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