EAROS ONE Review: Hearing Protection for Music Lovers


Product: EAROS ONE ‘acoustic filters’

Cheapest Place to Buy: earos.co (Use the code MIKECH10 for 10% off)
Guarantee: 30 day refund policy 
My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

In a nutshell

Excellent for loud music events, where you want less noise level without distorting the sound quality.

Very comfortable to wear, but it took me a bit of practice to get them to fit properly.


These are the creation of event producer and former DJ Ronnie Madra, who suffered tinnitus and ‘noise hangovers’ from spending most of his life in noisy club environments.

They claim to reduce noise levels by up to 25 decibels, whilst keeping the fidelity of the sound, meaning it sounds just as good but quieter.

And they do this by blocking most of the sound with a ‘soundboard’ over the ear opening, and a ‘patent pending serpentine-shaped internal sound bore’ (thin wiggly tube) that allows some sound through by air conduction.

So you still get the full spectrum of sound, not just the boomy muffled sound you get with normal earplugs, where you have no air conduction and you only hear the sound through your skull.

EAROS ONE complete set


Once I got them in I found them very comfortable, and could happily keep them in for a long while. 

They have a ‘twist and lock’ system where you supposedly turn it 45 degrees and it locks in, but that didn’t work for me. What does work however is to just keep twisting it back and forth a few times, whilst pushing it in with your thumb, until it’s nice and snug. Once I’d realised that, they were no problem to put in at all.


Listening to loud music, which is what they’re designed for, you can certainly tell these are different from your normal earplugs. The pitch and sound clarity are maintained, and it’s just like the volume’s turned down.

I also tested them for noise reduction by setting a smoke alarm off next to my head (do not try that at home!). Without any hearing protection that’s a very unpleasant noise that made me recoil. But with the EAROS ONE in, it wasn’t too bad. Still not especially pleasant but it definitely took the edge off a lot.

Pro’s & Con’s

Pro’s: Noise reduction that maintains the sound clarity

Con’s: Getting them in was a bit fiddly until I got the knack of it. And the gold coloured bar scratched off very quickly (which doesn’t bother me, but worth mentioning).

EAROS ONE unboxed


For live music, where you want to reduce the sound level whilst maintaining clarity, the EAROS ONE are a good choice. 

They look stylish too, though the gold band on the soundboard cratched off quickly (just a small thing but I thought I’d mention it).

I’ll definitely be taking them with me the next time I go to a noisy venue, especially if there’s music playing.

My rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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