The Best Organic Vegan Protein Powder I Have Tried



Product: Premium Plant Protein & Super Food Blend, by Revolution Foods

Cheapest Place to Buy: (use my coupon code FRIEND-RPXLN8S for 20% off)

Flavours: Chocolate Vanilla, Wild Berry, Natural (but still sweetened)

Price: £29.99 for 1 kg (a month’s supply at 1 scoop/day). Smaller sizes are also available.

My Rating: 10 out of 10

best vegan protein powder

In a nutshell

Super-high quality vegan protein powder, with a ton of other good stuff like probiotics and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Sugar-free, but sweet sweetened with stevia leaf (including the Natural Flavour option).

Chocolate Vanilla is my favourite.

Their entire range is organic, vegan, non GMO, dairy free, soy free, gluten free, herbicide & pesticide free, and UK made.


It seems Revolution Foods are leading the field when it comes to high quality vegan health products. Their range is superb and to such a high standard.

I recommend their supplements to my patients, regardless of whether they’re vegan or not. 

Some of them have called the company to ask for advice regarding their specific requirements, and have always given good reports of the customer service they received.

They also have a Raw Sport range, and various other protein options and other products.

Best Vegan Protein Powder


I love it, especially when it’s mixed with unsweetened almond milk.

Personally I don’t find it too sweet, and unlike so many protein powders it does not taste artificial (it only has natural ingredients).

They do sample packs of single servings for £1.50, so I recommend getting a few of those and trying them for yourself.


It has an excellent amino acid profile, meaning it contains all the amino acids (protein building blocks) you need.
No bloating, at all. Cheap powders you normally find in health food shops contain fillers and long list of artificial ingredients, and can give you some seriously undesirable stomach (and gas) issues, which puts a lot of people off using protein powders.

You don’t get any of that with this product. In fact I find it quite soothing on the digestion.

I also find it helps my energy levels, and I feel quite clear headed after taking it (possibly due to the anti-inflammatory ingredients, as inflammation causes brain-fog).

The protein comes in the form of pea and hemp. But what makes it special is all the other beneficial ingredients that go into it. 

For example:

  • Turmeric and frankincense for their anti-inflammatory powers
  • Digestive enzymes to help nutrient absorption
  • 5 Billion probiotics per serving
  • Coconut water and grey sea salt for electrolyte balance
  • Chlorella and moringa for detoxifying the body of heavy metals

Which basically makes it a comprehensive health supplement, on top of the 21g of protein you get from each serving.

best vegan protein powder ingredients

Recommended Use

I mix it in a shaker with 300ml unsweetened almond milk, and have it once or twice a day, either for breakfast or as a snack.

Although many people who work out use protein powders (and I think this is the best vegan protein powder for bodybuilding), another use for it – which I discuss a lot with my patients – is in regulating your blood sugar.  And that’s important for both pain and anxiety.

When you have a high protein and high fat breakfast (e.g. blend a scoop with 300ml unsweetened almond milk, half to a whole avocado, and some almond butter), it actually helps your blood sugar to stay stable throughout the day.

This is very useful to know if you suffer with aches and pains, or anxiety, because blood sugar spikes (and inflammation) can make those worse. So keeping your blood sugar stable can make a biog difference to how you feel overall.

So if, like most people, you normally go for a high carbohydrate breakfast like toast or cereal (which is more the result of years of product marketing, rather than any nutritional sense), then making the change for a high protein/high fat breakfast shake could be the single most effective food choice you can make, if you want better health.


A high quality protein shake like this is a cornerstone of a good nutritional strategy. This is the best organic vegan protein powder I have tried, the supportive ingredients (like turmeric and probiotics) alone make it a powerful health supplement, and I highly recommend it.

My rating: 10 out of 10.

best vegan protein powder

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